Published Prologue

@kim_martinez: Flight’s delayed :/ AMA 

@marygrace: @kim_martinez over/under on Bonds being real? 

@kim_martinez: @marygrace Under one for sure. IF THAT. 

@docdulosis: @kim_martinez do you think traditionalists will ever stfu??? Like, are we EVER going to get to a point where I can use the elements to light a candle in public without someone clutching their pearls like I’ve done something indecent??? 

@kim_martinez: @docdulosis Unforch, no. But I DO believe one day Displaying won’t carry the same weight many people still give it, and that seeing people use their magic freely will be as commonplace as Healers using—and frankly being expected to use—theirs to help regardless of who’s around. 

@meganlafleur: @kim_martinez omg this is so embarrassing I’m supposed to be meeting my boyfriend’s family soon and if they approve of me, they’re going to Divulge but I can NEVER remember all the different magics. PLEASE tell me you have a trick for remembering what’s in each category!!!

@kim_martinez: @meganlafleur ooof I wish I had some mnemonic device up my sleeve but the best I can do is link you to this old listicle of mine! Good luck!* 

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