The Prologue Snafu

Originally, The Magic Between was published with a much more in depth prologue introducing readers to the magic found in the universe, but not full explored in the book. After early reviews, we decided to pare it down to the basics to avoid an overwhelming and off putting info dump. 

Unfortunately there seems to have been a mixup with the Kindle edition. While it IS being corrected on NineStar’s end, those who already received their kindle book do not have the updated prologue, and will have received the expanded version found in ARCs.

Initially, I planned to release the blog style prologue as additional content sometime this month. But now that there’s been this mix up, in an effort to rectify the situation as best as I can while things are corrected, I’ve decided to put both the expanded blog prologue and the published prologue/index combo up on this site for anyone who might be curious to see both and for those who had the misfortune of getting the wrong file delivered.

But hey! the paperback can now be bought and it definitely has the right prologue!

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